Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy belated NEW YEAR!

Let's start afresh, shall we? After a loooooong bit of silence the header of this blog got a new image - welcome what I'm going to do this year - WORK ON, tout court. "BAUSTELLE" (like "construction area" in german) is great, and "RAUMALAINEN" is too long, though I'm still feeling sentimental about it, the sound is soft and round. There're dozens of reason why I stopped for more than A MONTH! And they are so NOT worth being mentioned. What counts, is that I'm BACK. Again.

There's LOT of inspirational content, that now I can only share very very small-ish. I apologise, I'll get back to writing longer, better, more detailed posts with better photos, SOON. Just be patient with me. There are many interesting projects that I spend my time on, so if you haven't quite forgotten this blog (which you should have done -  out of sight, out of heart), stay tuned.

If you are new around here, then WELCOME. The balance for me personally is now MORE work- and LESS blog-focused, and I know, I know this IS not a good shot for you, my dear readers.

That's been going on here so far, except of two holiday weeks off and out of country?

Some weird but looong pondered projects, like this linen zipper case. I have wanted to make this many years ago and stock fine little belongings for my future baby girl. Waiting for her and taking them out of that case, looking and dreaming how I'd put on her the tiny sweet garments and playing with the future newborn. The newborn is now almost six years old, besides...

I'm working on new mock-ups for my new school volunteer project, coming weekly. All recycled thrifted wood, plastic to build with kids and learn them some basic crafter skills - like an aircraft and a truck, which you see here. More on that soon with explanations, properly photoshopped pics and behind-the-scenes.

Some other stuff that happened before Christmas and that I will nevertheless write about, because those were beautiful projects (angels, mini-book, cards) and I simply have to share them with you.

Furniture remake - check on this later. Some new cards - coming up. New albums with new colours, because I'm starting dwelling in turquoise-rust orange-rose-olive green sauce. Let's shake it up with some cobalts, greys, violets, just to mention a few. Done? Yep, that's enough for teasing, right?

Hold on, my friends, and stay tuned. Welcome back!