Saturday, August 8, 2015

NEW - I'm on INSTAGRAM now

Yes, it's finally happening, please excuse my late night post with no pictures. I'm not every so often here on the blog last couple of months, that's just a matter of time, and I'm working on getting more regular on schedule.

As long as I'm not, here's the way to fill the gap - go check my brand new INSTAGRAM feed.

See in the right side bar the "I'm instagramming now" with the new button VIEW ON INSTAGRAM below the aforementioned title? That's it!

I'm since about a week into it, and seriously in love, AND seemingly addicted. It's been quite awhile since I've been thinking about it, as of an outlet about documenting the daily life. The time is right to start, since my ramblings are numerous, and they do not quite fit into what this blog is about.

You'll see there's lot of stuff happening around while I'm not blogging - my INSTAGRAM feed is going to be about gardening, woodworking for other purposes than blog, sewing, knitting, randomness, peaks into creative processes and such. I'll be happy if you come over, comment and follow it, I keep it up to date daily.

See you on the INSTAGRAM!