Monday, May 28, 2012

Blossoming apple tree

Recently I‘ve started making another serie, as the narcissus had withered, while we had been on a city trip in Budapest. Well, this time it was the apple tree, being just about to blossom out, that catched my attention last Sunday. Here are a couple of them. 

Such a beautiful, gentle, but still powerfull contrast!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teddy bear - Number One

Well, let‘s get started with teddy bear show. 

This one is one of the first toys of the serie, that I have recently begun. This is not my very first, I have sewn and knitted and crocheted lots of them before, testing different shapes, my own patterns and patterns from the magazines, combining different fabrics, yarns, without being very satisfied about how it worked out. I am still in a research of the expression. I do love material mix on the one hand and not being overloaded on the other. I appreciate clear forms, but do love rich textures, a variety of them being accorded to the general idea, supporting the expression that I am trying to create. I am still in search.

In the next days I'll show another two of them, that I've been making in the last couple of weeks.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First outside drawings this season - narcissi

Well, here some of my most recent artwork, inspired from the garden, that is waking up from a long winter – oh yes, this winter has been here till the end of avril. Now the snow has gone, the bluebells are popping out, the birch and willow catkins lay the gentle green screen over trees and I am chilling out in the spring sun, while my little girl takes a nap. A moment of immersion into a calm intensive contemplation and to just switch off and attain some kind of freedom  amidst garden cleaning, housekeeping, child care and ten hundred thousand another creative projects and even more ideas, and constant sketching. 

For an hour just me, a pencil, some paper, watercolour box, and a felt-tip pen, the sun and beautiful flowers outside.. 
More of them on Flickr - Photostream L.Leray
So relaxing and recharging!
Have a nice day!