Friday, May 31, 2013

New greeting cards in mixed technique

Another small project to share - I was making a couple of cards to accompany the birthday gifts that I'm gonna send to friends of mine. Mixed technique - paint, print, fabric collage and free motion machine embroidery. And yep, the forest friends, this time a bit different, for I wanted them to be more "emotional", that's why they're carrying hearts - to say welcome to the newborns of our friends. Und ab geht die Post!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me and my monkey

Yes, and I'm wondering how easy I got passed to the digital work. Blame the newborn. But seriously - otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the ideas that come along - my head would otherwise implode. Now I'm not loosing myself in countless sheets of paper, searching for a particular piece and not finding it (the same for colour pencils, since my little girl is spreading them all around our place, and I'm not paying right at the moment that much attention where my art supplies/design ideas go). Thus it's a bit less chaos in our house.

So now it's all fine - I can handle a newborn and still be working and it's much easier to carry him and this little magic helper around without much effort. Though it's not my tablet, but the one of my family, and though I'm not using professional image making programs, it's enough for my needs. It lets me work more spontaneously and work somehow a bit faster, because the colours can be easily changed, shapes adjusted, modifications undone and potentially interesting in-betweens copied and saved. This Samsung Galaxy NOTE is a truly blessing. 

Today a little peek in an upcoming design for a pillow case/ little blanket / decorative panel - I'm still hesitating where to put it first. It can also became a card, a pattern for fabric, or a child's scarf, just to name a few. Stay tuned!

And this could be a pretty basic approach for a fabric pattern design.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Notebook & fabric cases - NEW

A couple of new items today: notebooks with hand printed covers and matching cases for them. They are padded, as usual, to assure form stability and sturdiness, in the colourway which I'm still favouring - different hues of pink, orange and turquoise, mixed with ochres and natural unbleached linen. Those cases are lined with hot pink linen fabric. The techniques are paint rolling, hand printing, patchworking, free motion machine embroidery. Hope you like them! Dimensions are about 13 x 18 cm.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Creative collaboration

See, this is why I have to admit I LOVE iPad. I've made this drawing simply because I loved this polka dot fedora hat, even with the omnipresent hello kitty that my little girl paired with her currently favourite Marimekko dress. She liked the result, but made me promise her not to colour it, for she would complete it on her own. What a strange idea, thought I. She kept insisting,  so I've simply copied the file and let her play around with that, saving some interesting steps that she made on the way before it all got unrecognizably re-painted. Fun, simple, and inspiring...and collaborative.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Work in progress - stationery

Here're some results of what's been made today. I'm preparing a couple of new stationery products, the folders. And as it had to be related to something finnish, thus  they come along with the most known of Marimekko motifs - the "Unikko" motif. They are drying, and waiting to get a couple of prints and paint coats. And there's also the final layout for invitations for upcoming birthday party for my little girl - all I need now is to put the adress/time into the orange circles and the guest names onto matching envelopes. 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

About all things changing

In fact yes, I knew, the things were meant to change, but they change now way too fast, so that I have to take time to keep up and not miss all those important shifts. My little girl is all of a sudden growing up so fast , and I keep wondering about everything she's thinking on family, baby issues, future. The little boy's getting bigger and stronger day after day, the whole family structure is still moving and getting to settle. And I'm filling my sketchbook with all sorts of drafts and project ideas and somehow find it difficult to choose what has to be done first. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A quick decorative project

Today I'm gonna share here a quick and easy decoration project - I'm thinking about putting those to the nursing corner of our bedroom, or maybe develop it into something more elaborated. Right now I'm happy with the result, and it took me exactly a couple of pauses between baby care to put it together.

I've made the wreathes from birch twigs and coated them loosely with some acrylic paint. The rest is the usual patchworked fabric pieces, chosen to create contrast in colour and texture - a nice eye-catcher for a baby. A good idea, by the way, for crafting with kids - that could become one of the next projects for my serie "Children make art"-tutorials. I'll keep you posted.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random thoughts...

I'm working... Like about between twenty minutes and maybe up to one hour a day, if I'm lucky. And if this amount can be called working - I'd rather name it squeezing a couple of seams here, printing a half dozen papers there. So there're gonna be some new projects in the next couple of weeks that I have to get finished. Thus I'm waiting, for I do not want to share the right now seemingly endless in-betweens. And honestly, it's not the priority for now. The priority is here, on this little drawing, that I've made this morning on my iPad.

As easy as I can get frustrated for the work flow speed gets stuck and all my projects are still in limbo, I still recall myself, that it's just a matter of time, that having a healthy family is most important, and finding myself in a new role as a mother-of-two (hey, how fast did this happen?) takes time.

So I have to let things get settled and not over-rush with what and how I might expect them to be. There're lot of things I'm unconfortable with, and lots of other things that I'm so happy with, in this new condition. And each day brings new discoveries, joys or defeats, that I cannot help but feeling myself overhelmed and lost, and tired... and then grateful, and stronger, and sort of enlightened, for this is what the life is about -  learning, improving, finding out what trully matters and going for it, about focusing on positive things and making them happen, for we have always choice how we interpret things and how we deal with them, how we influence other people's minds, no matter if they are three weeks old, three years or thirty three...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Slowly getting back to work

Remember, I've once written about my aversion towards ToDo lists. Well, it was all great while having one child, old (and encouraged) enough to be independent in many ways (as far as an almost-four-year-old can be): there's always been a bit of chaos, but it has been all manageable. Without too much organizing. But since there's another human being in our family, quite a demanding one, and like tenfold as many issues (in my subjective and still hormone-driven opinion) that need to be handled, the time is coming to make serious thoughts on being and getting better organized

My disposable time is now limited to little bites of 15-30 minutes here and there, and when it's over, it's definitely over, for you cannot negotiate with a two-week-old newborn. 

So when this precious bite of free-time comes, I cannot afford myself anymore to go get a cup of tea, sketch and procrastinate, because it's otherwise gone in a wink. Thus I spent last week (besides of reading tons of books on baby care, browsing on washable diapers, knitting baby jackets, getting back to learn finnish, and searching for new knit projects on Ravelry) figuring out how to organize and get myself of that procrastination mode out to work mode. 

Not easy, my friends, not easy...and I'm still dealing with the issue. Thus no practical advice for now, besides of learning by doing!

P.S. Here's something new - a new piece that I'm currently trying to working on - I need an eye-catcher for my little baby boy to look at after nursing. We're now having a perfect white wall in our bedroom, and I'd like him to stare at something more interesting as wall plaster reliefs. I've got a couple of frames, rectangular and circular, all I need is some paint, free motion stitching, needle felting, and LOT of focus and concentration during those time bites to get'em finished.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Designing the invitations

And slowly getting back to make invitations for upcoming anniversary party for my little girl. Since she's taking the whole celebration project very seriously, I thought, I should pay more attention to how we're gonna organize this very important event in her life. So I thought of handmade invitations. Nothing too fancy, only some of my favorite techniques, quick execution, just to get myself started/warmed up for work after the pause.

I've taken some heavy 200g/m2 textured paper (water colour quality), rolled some greyish blue paint and light pink hue over it. While it dried, I've hand stamped some white cream paper sheets with the FOREST FRIENDS stamps from this post. Those sheets would build an additional layer on the top of cards, to put all the details about where and when later underneath, simply because those details are still not set.

Further I've played around with some circles of orange banana paper, tags from previous projects, and other stripes/scraps/hearts. So as for now, it's a mock-up. Now I'm gonna write something like "we're gonna party", or "save the date", or something else. I've made a couple of trials, but was not quite satisfied, that's why it's still a mock-up and not a final result.

I'm thinking of letting my little girl writing a couple of words as well as colouring the stamped shapes, or to let her make the layouts on her own with the elements, that I've prepared...

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