Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter ANGELS - DIY tutorial to craft with kids

This post has been scheduled.. for december!

We've made small angels back then in this technique and gave them to a friend. I've cut wood and prepared the supplies, the kids have applied paints, made hearts of hama beads, salt dough ornaments, and glued all the elements. They've been in other colors in december though. And all I managed to do was squeezing a picture of them into one of „round-up“ posts. I missed the occasion to share a tutorial before Christmas, which I repented a lot, and then it didn't fit in anymore. Until Easter.

Making angels for Easter suddenly made sence, hence I got out the supplies, polished the old tutorial pictures, we made a new serie in spring colours and here we go. All the usual suspects, my friends – wood, wooden beads, virgin wool, some decorative elements.

Happy Easter crafting!

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