Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New homepage WERKLERAY

Hello there !

After a year of publishing peeks into creative projects and randomness from our life on Instagram I've finally took a leap and put a homepage together. The past year from August 2015 until now was filled to the brim with new projects, like really brand new stuff (again, it's all up on Instagram). It involved illustration commisions, creating indie magazines, laying them out, illustrating and publishing, diving deeper into the print world and getting to work a bit more as illustrator and graphic designer.

Yes, I've been crafting too, and woodworking, and continuing to have my woodworking class at a local school with younger pupils.

Late summer I got to participate in trade fairs coming up this autumn. And that's been a trigger to finally pull to put it all nicely in line. We created a label: WERKLERAY. A label offering special items in small editions. Using hand printing techniques. Sewing a lot of linen, making use of recycled fabric too. Creating stationery to print locally in Finland on eco-friendly paper.

Here's the new homepage.
The whole range of our products is available here in shop !

I thank all the readers who came here to take a look, get inspired and share. Our adventure takes its next step, on the bespoken homepage, and of course the DIY part is coming with us to live happy ever after there too. I have a new category "DIY tutorials" which is getting filled with step-by-steps, printables, tipps and tricks and such. Another category on the homepage is entitled BLOG: same old, same old, but different angle: more illustration, more curated layout, and the overall look is just new and fresh. We grew out of the blogspot and move into a bigger house ! There's lot of "renovation" to be done, or should I better say "creation", because we're making it almost from scratch (thanks to wordpress templates for "almost").

I have been sharing way too many different projects here which all evolved.  This morning I browsed through it clicking back in time and could hardly believe all that's been done, thought of, shared and revisited on the blogspot. Time to close this virtual book, to say thanks and be grateful for what I learned along the way, not to forget it and sometimes come back and flip through it because it all contributed to what we are now: we are WERKLERAY now, and very happy to be, and eager to get the best out of it. Please come with us ! Time to start a new book.

Thank you all and cheers to the blogspot and WERKLERAY!


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