Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Die Blumenfee

Hey! My intention of writing like about two to three posts a week remains still an objective to achieve.

The month of July has been full of visits of our family and friends, we've spent some days in Helsinki, which means my work was anything except normal. And now we're back again to the routine, simple family life, here in Rauma, just four of us. Playing. Houskeeping. Gardening. Working.

And now there's another theme that I'm exploring, I'd call her a little BLUMENFEE (german for "flower pixie"). This creature came across as I've worked on decorating my little girl's room, first on pillow, then on mobile and now here - creating a "tasku" (finnish).

A couple of days ago browsing in a huge book store in Helsinki (love-love-love this Akateeminen Kirijakauppa), I've seen this piece in a book on Finnish traditional costume. I've already heard about it reading about Polish costumes. This is a fun little accessory - sort of extra pocket, that is bound around the waist with decorative strap to keep some personal possessions, little notebook or keeping some hand work.

Well, this is the surface - a piece of Finlayson middle-heavy fabric, coated to imitate the colour of natural linen, but not too thick, so that the original ornament is shining through, and then that BLUMENFEE as appliqué. That's it!

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