Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stenciled pillow cases with reindeer

Lately I've bought simple pillow cases in a department store. I wanted to try out some fun and simple techniques without being strained to sew a classic pillow afterwards. This one was an inexpensive model, in a slightly weird color in my opinion, but I loved the texture (similar to linen) and didn't what to buy something too fancy/high-end to be scared to experiment with afterwards.

Having a pillow ready-made would force me to be more spontaneous and work fast.

And that's what I had to do - a friend of mine was going to leave Finland, so talking about different options what to gift her just the day before, I suggested I would like to try to make a printed pillow with some "finnish" motif. That's how the reindeer came into the scene. And as I didn't know what type of colorway she would chose, I've opted for neutrals - beige, brown and white.

I've planned only to stencil, but couldn't not add a bit of something to enhance the image and outline it in matching brown color (terra verde). For myself I would probably outline the reindeers in turquoise or neon pink (as I did a mock-up in photoshop at the end of picture line), or maybe even print it in some crazy color (which I would not recommend in case you're not a close friend of the recipient). Or maybe put some text onto - keeping all that in mind I guess I should get back to the shop for another couple of blanc pillow cases. Stay tuned!

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