Friday, May 30, 2014


Remember, last week I was talking about an upcoming tutorial how to make the flower pixies that were decorating my little girl's invitation cards? Now that's it, it took me a bit longer to get it finished.

Yes, I admit, you need time to make those, but actually the difference between making a couple or a whole bunch of them is not so big. So you better have a project where at least a dozen of them is necessary. Despite of time spent (appr. 2-3 hours) you will enjoy the final look, believe me!

And you know what? That's the project you can endlessly decline for any festive occasion. Need something to decorate a branch for next Easter - take spring Easter colors (yellow, pink, apple green, light blue). For Halloween - orange, some greyish soft lila, greys and blacks. For Christmas - ivory white, golds and some warm greys. They are going to look fantastic if you match nice colours and make a bunch of them.

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