Saturday, March 28, 2015

WELCOME BABY greeting card

And here's the card I've been talking about - a quick side project. It's actually getting usual here that almost each time there's a handmade gift, there's also a handmade card. First, that's one more reason for another simple handicraft project, and second - leftovers. Cards are just very good at recycling all the tiny scraps you won't probably sew or use anymore.

And because it's time to get back to normal blogging life, or at least start to make efforts to get more discipline, here're also a short overview of what you need for that kind of project.

Recently I've bought a roll of wood imitating adhesive film - to make over a doll's house I've bought for my little girl last year, which had good bones but the previous little owners of the house made sure walls and floor were properly covered with layers of feltpen in craziest colors. Nothing against splashes of colors, but floors in alternating pink, emeraud green, dirty orange, dark violet just to name a few all together in each and every room of the house - no, that's not beautiful, believe me. I tried to cover it with this wood imitating adhesive film, which I got cheap from a discounter. At least for floors. It worked.

Back here anyway - I had leftovers of this film. This card had to accompany "house" pillows, house are wooden here in Finland, and so wooden (imitating) this card went.

Acrylic paint worked well on this film, and then it got a bit wonky in the layout.

Here's another point of making a card by the way. Have you tried to find some fun card to welcome a new born? I mean, at least you buy everything together in one well curated shop, where the nursery items match stuffed toys AND cards, and they are NOT having bunnies, or prams, or storks, or blue/pink paper mini-onesies on them... And it's like you have a special present, so you want a special card, right? I must be trully obsessed with all things "special", perfectly matching /or mis-matching, but in a perfect way as well. That's who I am!

In a perfect world I'd be for one sunny day somewhere like in Berlin, and would go shopping in Prenzlauerberg and just be marvelling over all the cute handmade/letterprinted/smart/original cards.. And later I'd sit in a cafe outside, browsing through lifestyle and design magazines, people watching, scribbling in a notebook, and sipping my latte and starring at all the unnecessary but-oh-so-beautiful little treasures I'd have.

As long as that's nothing but imagination, I'll craft my cards myself. Why not? Try out, that's quick, and easy, and rewarding. That's addicting, you've been warned!

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