Friday, September 13, 2013

Psst, my soft toy's sleeping

You know what was actually the first thing that I'd like to make for my little girl four years ago as she was born and I wanted to make something special just for her? It was a doudou - a nice french word for a soft toy. I didn't want to buy it, and wanted it to be somehow different, and couldn't find in stores a doudou I wanted her to have. And yes, I've tried a couple of times and those sad examples are now banished somewhere in a big bagful of all kind of stuffed toys she got over years. Well, no regrets, it was a good experience - sewing simple or less simple doudou's, trying out different fabrics, different patterns, looking out for cute doudou's other people were doing. And there're BILLIONS of TONS of doudou's being made out there, for any taste, don't you agree? The niche seemed pretty saturated. And the time was passing by.

Somehow I turned to making other things. But I still wanted to give it another try. One day.

And now I'm back exploring doudou's again. This one was made as a gift for my friend's little daughter. I've stenciled the "Psst, my soft toy's sleeping" in french onto the little decorative bag to accompany it.

Slightly related to my FOREST FRIENDS edition (as long as you're Okay with a bunny having a pocket to carry his baby bunny). There're still a couple of things I'd change, but it seems not bad right at the moment. And that's why I'm sharing it here. 

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