Monday, September 2, 2013


Last weekend was the celebration of the end of summer here. And it's gone. We're officially in fall -with its crispy air, greys and browns, and gold shades as the sun shines. A bit sad. But that's what life looks like.

Last week we've been in Berlin - my all time favorite city. So now I'm back, head full of ideas, notebook full of sketches, luggage full of everything and anything nice'n'cute and hand made in Berlin.... and that's why I'm pausing. Reading. Drinking coffee (back again). SYSTEMIZING. This is the word of the month. This month's biggest challenge is gonna be to get it all together, so that it WORKS all TOGETHER. The bold intention for september. 

After I've started my FOREST FRIENDS run (nursery deco pieces for those who are new here - check out my SHOP-page) and did it like for half-a-year, I realized that it's possible. It's possible to find A LOT within a seemingly SMALL field. The scope doesn't need to be large. And I'm gonna stay loyal to forest friends and concentrate on it. There will be some new products, some of them - new editions of products that I've introduced before. 

Stay tuned. I'm gonna share a lot in next days.

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