Thursday, October 10, 2013

Memory game - NEW

And here the just finished MEMORY game. Actually it was done yesterday, but I didn't want to show it without a bag - a draw string bag, with matching applique. All the usual materials, all the favorites - linen (natural finish and some dyed blends), corduroy, a bit of cotton, some coarse silk. Those memory chips are pretty sturdy, because of heavy wool inlet between the linen fabric pieces (appr. 3 mm thick each).

The bag is fully lined. 

This afternoon we're gonna start to play with the baby boy, unless my little girl wants to be the first in the line. Positive side effect - I could use them as coasters if one day we end up loosing some of chips - nice and fun coasters for small and not-so-small (big enough to place a mug on top - they're appr. 8 cm (3") in diameter).

They come soon in the shop and would be a nice christmas present - the price is 40 EUR (excl.shipping costs). Included are: 12 memory picture chips à 6 different motifs (two bears, two birds, two flowers (pink and blue)) and a draw string bag. Dimensions: appr. 8 cm each chip, 14 x 21 cm the draw string bag. 

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