Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday randomness

Currently there're couple of projects which I'm finishing now - the memory game, the blanket (started in..hmmm... somewhere back in summer, when my baby boy was very small and slept a lot), the canvas (this on is going on), I also need to paint new pages to finish my album about our recent trip to Berlin. 

But today I'm sharing another quick drawing made while my baby boy napped. Can't change, won't change - nothing beats the drive to draw, my friends. That's my passion, that's my oxygen, that's my therapy, that's what I'm living for (of course my family, sewing, and one-thousand-other-more-or-less-important-employs exempted). So please be indulgent with me. I got back on drawing train, and nothing is compared to the feel of real paper and pencil slipping over it.

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