Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A new album and about happy incidents along the way

Please meet another album. We have friends who moved recently to a new house, that's why there's the "What I love most about MY HOME is who I share it with" on the cover. I've cut this phrase as a stencil after I've seen it very many times on Pinterest, because I was looking for a quote about home and this one killed it.

Plus we all live in Finland, and  I have been preparing another project which involved a stencil of a moose based on a finnish road warning sign (found here). 

Actually I didn't mean to put the moose onto, but somehow the finished cover was missing un "je ne sais quoi", something playful and random to make the whole thing look a bit upbeat and fresh. Happily I has my moose stencil cut while pausing from the album project and waiting for the paints to dry. Coincidently the stencil and the album happened to be both at the same time at the same place. 

And another happy incident was that I've messed up a couple of inches on the album cover. One more flower to hide it didn't help. But a moose stencil would if only I'd find the right colour! I've bought a golden spray paint that morning coincidently, for another project, so off it went to put a golden moose to the cover.

It looks a bit blurred (which by the way doesn't hurt), maybe because of the coarse linen surface. As I was featuring the same moose on the white plain pages, it's looking much clearer, and it has that nice shimmer - that was the element I've been missing, and I'm THAT happy about all the coincidents along the way!

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