Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making a gift for a teacher - a monoprint pillow case

Hey there,

recently we've made a present for my little girl's teacher at the pre-school. This post is a short description of the process, because I didn't have the detailed step-by-step pictures.

Basically you need a piece of cloth per kid, some paints, and a plain plate, roller and palette knife to mix the paint as well.

You roll the paint on the plate and give a stick /cotton swab to a kid and ask him to quickly draw something. After that you press a piece of cloth onto the plate and the result is nice and saturated print. A monoprint, because you cannot repeat it with exactly the same drawing. In our case I've made each kid make at least two prints to choose from and have some more options for final composition.

This is a very easy and fun technique to work with kids, and they love it.

At some point I've had many of them, without any particular purpose in mind other than squeeze in a short crafting session to keep our little invites busy and make them make something special. Then the end of the school year was approaching, and we started thinking what to gift to the teacher. A common gift from all the parents, surely, but also something crafted by kids and made by their little hands.That's how this patchwork pillow came into life.

I've cut all the prints to the same size, arranged and re-arranged, then sewn them together, cut paper stencils for names, hand printed names and that's it!

P.S. This pillow is double sided, there're also monoprints on the second side, but unfortunately I don't have pictures of them.

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