Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wooden pirate play sword - DIY tutorial

Hey there!

This morning my little girl has been looking though her magazine and stumbled upon an article about pirates. "I need a pirate sword" - she told me. "Here're also instructions, mum. You have a piece of cardboard right?"  Yes, I had a piece of cardboard, and why not, I mean any pirate needs a sword, I agree. And yes, why not playing pirates? But sword of  a cardboard? Nope.

It got my wheels spinning around. Yes, I could have waited till tomorrow and go buy a simple plastic sword, or, even better, go to a second hand toy store and hope there'd be an old toy sword for sale. Or make it myself right now. A nice simple wooden one. 

Cutting a simple sword shape out of a wooden board scrap? Why not, but probably way too simple and not that interesting. Making a grip somehow different, maybe something more rounded for nice hold? A couple of minutes later I had it in mind and the baby boy has been napping. I figured out it wouldn't take too much time and luckily I could almost finish it pretty quickly.

It hasn't got any special finish, nor could I photo shoot it properly, with probably a cute pocket I could have done, but not yet. I still do not know if we'll continue riding this pirate wave, so I just share this tutorial right now, or I may simply loose it in many drafts and projects-on-go.

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