Friday, September 12, 2014

Pillow case in monoprinting technique

Last month we've made this fun project with kids. It was a rainy afternoon, we had strawberries, ice and cookies, but the objective was to craft a pillow for a friend who was going to leave Finland soon. And this gift was a gift from kids.

Each of them got a piece of plexiglas plate, we helped to put paint, and they drew something onto. We had some horses, dragons, fishermen, but also princesses, houses, a mermaid and other simple things. And there has been a toddler as well who simply put some abstract lines and we helped him make a hand print.

The drawing have been made in monoprinting technique, the kids have been using the cotton swabs. We put a piece of cloth onto each plexiglas plate with a drawing and got a print. It's tricky sometimes, as they come out more or less saturated, and the drawing is more or less clear.

This time instead of putting the names of kids, I've made the ABC, because some kids have made two pieces, the ages were different and I wanted to avoid comparison and evaluations. The ABC keeps it more neutral, but adds an interesting detail. and will be useful, since our friend has two small kids who may enjoy having around this fun pillow to read.

Don't be surprised about muted colours, because this pillow was custom made and it simply has to be muted to best fit the home of the recipient, so yes, though it was not exactly a custom order, but sort of what our custom/friend would have expected. Next project will come in vivid colours as usual, I promise!

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