Monday, September 22, 2014

Upcycling an old desk into shelves

Hello friends,
remember, I've been talking here and there about upcycling projects a while ago? Let's move along and turn an old thrifted desk (part of it) into some useful boards/shelves, you name it!

This cute little old buddy was found at a thrift store, and it was all they had: no desktop, no other parts, just this sad piece of four drawers, solid wood (except of bottom part of drawers), in pretty good condition. At a bargain price, because who would normally buy THIS?

In the meantime I've spotted the idea of turning drawers into shelves and boards during our vacation in Norway this summer on a TV-show named REDESIGN, which I unfortunately cannot find online. So this little thing was just a perfect find to give it a try.

Basically you need only to repaint it as you like (I've gone for a thin coat of white, semi-gloss, I wanted the wooden grain to be seen a bit), and some basic experience with power drill and chisel. That's all it takes.

If you are going to make a magazine board, you will need a piece of wooden latch, so that your magazines do not slip down the second you put them into.

I apologize for poor final pictures. Actually this project's result was four boards, two of them you see here on this initially underlighted, yellowy and not that contrasted pics. And two others are still waiting to be hung, which I hoped would have happened earlier, at a better-lit place so I'd be able to show the best of it. Still not happened, and now as the days get shorter and darker, I fear I might not be able to get good pictures till the snow comes and it all gets white, light and sunny again.

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