Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carrying on the research way...

Well,as much as I appreciate short projects so that I can finish a piece within a day or at least in a couple of days, it took me some time to move forward and kept me from updating this blog as I used to.

Right now I spend a lot of time reading, rough drafting, trying, failing and starting over, reading, and more reading. Of course it‘s an endless topic for any profound research so now I‘m feeling myself a bit overhelmed with everything that might be worth learning about folk arts. 

And it‘s challenging – as much as I enjoy the proces of discovering, learning, understanding, I admit, I‘ve had some troubles and doubts about working in uncertitude. So I keep repeating that it‘s actually more about challenging myself to go a narrow and less habitual, but also widely ramified path than having (and being more or less sure to regularly become) smart and presentable results as I used to publish before. 

Though I wouldn‘t say that I wouldn‘t like to have those result now as well, I just have to keep in mind, that with all the learning and failing and searching for how to incorporate it all, I just inevitably have that lower speed and a bit of frustration involved. Frustration, because it‘s not very easy to plan and even less to predicate and expect anything, for the way is unknown. I do not have a clear learning plan with specified objectives, and it's fun, but that's why I'm sometimes having that incertitude - the price to pay for being flexible and learn what I select following the feeling of the moment.

Here‘s a peek from my current project. I like the traditional costume, but not that much the omnipresent red in it, so my interpretation is blue, light cerulean blue. I‘ve enjoyed a lot sewing it, for it was simple because of rectangular structure, so the focus was on decorating – I‘ve crocheted, patched, and cross-stitched. And I‘ve spend a couple of days modelling a figurine of wire, papier-mâché and some other additives before I've got started with the shirt itself – another brand new experience. 

So at the end it‘ll be a roughly modelled doll wearing that traditional folk shirt. Stay tuned, I‘ll keep you posted.

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