Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello teddy bear

It‘s getting colder and snowing, and one good way to adapt oneself for another season change is a bit more of hard physical work to keep warm. That‘s why while my little girl is hopping and jumping all around, I‘m sitting at the kitchen table working the modelling clay for a new teddy bear pattern. This clay is particularly tough so that it can stay in form for nearly any model, and that means lots of efforts involved to get it in the right shape. This bear‘s gonna be middle-sized – about 15 cm high, and I needed another pattern because of another shape and proportions. This one will be sewn, not knitted/felted, as my summer bears, because it has to be stuffed firmly to have some weight and stay in form.

So today I‘m sharing a rough draft in modelling clay and gonna work out the pattern coming weekend. Teddy bear making is particularly nice and pleasant during the cold season, maybe be that‘s why they are popular in northern countries like Germany,USA/Canada, Russia. 

It‘s still snowing outside, and it‘s all of a sudden full of that „Winterzauber“ – with all the fall‘s greys gone. They have been replaced by winter's greys.

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