Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lacemaking - yes, I've got started!

Remember, a while ago I was talking about my new vintage finding – lacemaking pillow? I‘ve also mentioned that I would one day get myself learning how to use it for it was not intended for only staying like a beautiful decorative object?

Last week we got back home from the public library with like tons of books about lace making with very inspiring examples. Even more inspiring was walking around Rauma and seeing them real, made of beautiful linen threads. And to top it all it‘s even more tempting seeing someone making lace – that‘s what I‘ve come across last Saturday (yes, I‘ve gone into that lace shop knowing that there‘s always someone making lace). And yes, they wanted to share it and had time! I‘ve spent like one hour learning how to make this sample with three basic motifs that is now pinned on the right at my pillow.

Now I‘m reproducing it, it‘s not so fast and I have to correct my mistakes myself and unravel it or re-start if necessary, but it‘s fun! And as I‘m still a couple of days in that sabbatical research thing, where I committed myself to starting any project appealing to me, no matter how out-of-the-ordinary it may look like, well, now I‘m in!

As for now, my sabbatical weeks are coming to the end, but not the research. I‘ve not made that much in terms of finished pieces, because of reading/learning/searching, but I‘ve finally managed to force myself to get started and to learn how it works, and that‘s important for me. I‘m thinking about spending further some hours on folk arts on regular basis like a couple of times a week and maybe writing one-two posts about it weekly.

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