Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making a traditional short - how to...

And today I‘m sharing the explanation drawing of how this traditional shirt is basically made. I've made it based on fabrics that I've actually picked a couple of days ago to make the shirt itself (see my previous post). 

As I‘ve told, there are all only rectangular pieces for both front and back side, except of bottom parts of sleeves – for that there‘s a corresponding rectangular piece to make, then cut it along the diagonal into two triangular parts. It‘s very simple and easy, so that the main concern is actually how to decorate it. 

It can be easily embellished with lots of techniques because the rectangularity offers nearly endless possibilities to incorporate anything you may want to put there – like fabric stripes, crocheted lace, all kind of ribbons, patchworked elements, any type of embroidery – so that it‘s very wide open space there.

Today I‘m back to decorative folk painting – I‘m gonna show some results tomorrow.

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