Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me and my monkey

Yes, and I'm wondering how easy I got passed to the digital work. Blame the newborn. But seriously - otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the ideas that come along - my head would otherwise implode. Now I'm not loosing myself in countless sheets of paper, searching for a particular piece and not finding it (the same for colour pencils, since my little girl is spreading them all around our place, and I'm not paying right at the moment that much attention where my art supplies/design ideas go). Thus it's a bit less chaos in our house.

So now it's all fine - I can handle a newborn and still be working and it's much easier to carry him and this little magic helper around without much effort. Though it's not my tablet, but the one of my family, and though I'm not using professional image making programs, it's enough for my needs. It lets me work more spontaneously and work somehow a bit faster, because the colours can be easily changed, shapes adjusted, modifications undone and potentially interesting in-betweens copied and saved. This Samsung Galaxy NOTE is a truly blessing. 

Today a little peek in an upcoming design for a pillow case/ little blanket / decorative panel - I'm still hesitating where to put it first. It can also became a card, a pattern for fabric, or a child's scarf, just to name a few. Stay tuned!

And this could be a pretty basic approach for a fabric pattern design.

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