Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Designing the invitations

And slowly getting back to make invitations for upcoming anniversary party for my little girl. Since she's taking the whole celebration project very seriously, I thought, I should pay more attention to how we're gonna organize this very important event in her life. So I thought of handmade invitations. Nothing too fancy, only some of my favorite techniques, quick execution, just to get myself started/warmed up for work after the pause.

I've taken some heavy 200g/m2 textured paper (water colour quality), rolled some greyish blue paint and light pink hue over it. While it dried, I've hand stamped some white cream paper sheets with the FOREST FRIENDS stamps from this post. Those sheets would build an additional layer on the top of cards, to put all the details about where and when later underneath, simply because those details are still not set.

Further I've played around with some circles of orange banana paper, tags from previous projects, and other stripes/scraps/hearts. So as for now, it's a mock-up. Now I'm gonna write something like "we're gonna party", or "save the date", or something else. I've made a couple of trials, but was not quite satisfied, that's why it's still a mock-up and not a final result.

I'm thinking of letting my little girl writing a couple of words as well as colouring the stamped shapes, or to let her make the layouts on her own with the elements, that I've prepared...

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