Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random thoughts...

I'm working... Like about between twenty minutes and maybe up to one hour a day, if I'm lucky. And if this amount can be called working - I'd rather name it squeezing a couple of seams here, printing a half dozen papers there. So there're gonna be some new projects in the next couple of weeks that I have to get finished. Thus I'm waiting, for I do not want to share the right now seemingly endless in-betweens. And honestly, it's not the priority for now. The priority is here, on this little drawing, that I've made this morning on my iPad.

As easy as I can get frustrated for the work flow speed gets stuck and all my projects are still in limbo, I still recall myself, that it's just a matter of time, that having a healthy family is most important, and finding myself in a new role as a mother-of-two (hey, how fast did this happen?) takes time.

So I have to let things get settled and not over-rush with what and how I might expect them to be. There're lot of things I'm unconfortable with, and lots of other things that I'm so happy with, in this new condition. And each day brings new discoveries, joys or defeats, that I cannot help but feeling myself overhelmed and lost, and tired... and then grateful, and stronger, and sort of enlightened, for this is what the life is about -  learning, improving, finding out what trully matters and going for it, about focusing on positive things and making them happen, for we have always choice how we interpret things and how we deal with them, how we influence other people's minds, no matter if they are three weeks old, three years or thirty three...

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