Monday, May 6, 2013

Slowly getting back to work

Remember, I've once written about my aversion towards ToDo lists. Well, it was all great while having one child, old (and encouraged) enough to be independent in many ways (as far as an almost-four-year-old can be): there's always been a bit of chaos, but it has been all manageable. Without too much organizing. But since there's another human being in our family, quite a demanding one, and like tenfold as many issues (in my subjective and still hormone-driven opinion) that need to be handled, the time is coming to make serious thoughts on being and getting better organized

My disposable time is now limited to little bites of 15-30 minutes here and there, and when it's over, it's definitely over, for you cannot negotiate with a two-week-old newborn. 

So when this precious bite of free-time comes, I cannot afford myself anymore to go get a cup of tea, sketch and procrastinate, because it's otherwise gone in a wink. Thus I spent last week (besides of reading tons of books on baby care, browsing on washable diapers, knitting baby jackets, getting back to learn finnish, and searching for new knit projects on Ravelry) figuring out how to organize and get myself of that procrastination mode out to work mode. 

Not easy, my friends, not easy...and I'm still dealing with the issue. Thus no practical advice for now, besides of learning by doing!

P.S. Here's something new - a new piece that I'm currently trying to working on - I need an eye-catcher for my little baby boy to look at after nursing. We're now having a perfect white wall in our bedroom, and I'd like him to stare at something more interesting as wall plaster reliefs. I've got a couple of frames, rectangular and circular, all I need is some paint, free motion stitching, needle felting, and LOT of focus and concentration during those time bites to get'em finished.

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