Saturday, June 8, 2013

About task-splitting

I'm still adjusting, and one of the first step/lesson I take on my way is task-splitting. Always. Each and every day. Doing chores. Working. Reading. Blogging. Constantly and with no mercy. Splitting everything. With the exception of baby care and taking time for my oldest girl. Everything else maybe interrupted, dropped and taken on, and I'm now Okay with that. If I want to work, it's the only possible way of getting there. For I need to work, and I need to keep up with projects and ideas. It's important for my sanity, hence the way how I'm living my life these days and how I feel about it. I've noticed, that a half-decent amount of creative activity makes the most tedious tasks easy doable and refills my batteries with new creative energy, even if I'm feeling physically low, and lot of time I still do. The aforementioned refill influences the family life A LOT. It keeps me sane and sound and my family reflects that attitude of mine. By the end of the day I'm tired, but happy. So I don't want to miss it and I'm hunting hard to get to be creative and work.

I was  uncomfortable with "working shorter - working constantly/very often interrupted" at the beginning, and tried to wait for longer nap periods to get with my oh-so-long pondered projects started. And I was filling shorter nap periods with baby knitting, baby care reads, catch up on blog reading etc. Till the moment I realised, that I will ONLY/or MOSTLY have those SHORTER periods. And longer periods of nap come usually after extensive nursing, which mean I need a nap as well. Or later in the evening, which mean I have to step back and do NOTHING  (well almost nothing, except baby knitting or sketching), to keep up with nursing during the night.

Now I'm ALL task-splitting, not only creatively. And since it's the only option of getting things done and I'm not struggling against that obviousness any longer (that I didn't want to reckon for awhile), life, household and creative projects are running more smoothly. So it's all about mind setting and accepting to change the cherished patterns, which do not work any more.

Here we're with some panels I was talking about yesterday  - knitting meets linen/free motion messy stitching. A peak into behind-the-scene for some new products.


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