Friday, June 7, 2013

Going big

And here's how it all gets bigger - the piece simply didn't want to end up as a pillow, for that design cried for something more, so it made it to a blanket, appr. 85 x 85 cm (without binding). It has to become one, after I finish the frontside, find an appropriate backside, put some batting in between and decide about hand quilting or not (rather not). So now we're on the way of having a nice handmade blanket, finally. It's gonna turn to blanket/playing rug. And I'm thrilled about having almost accomplished something that I had in mind as a vague idea since quite awhile - a big (well, big on my scale, for I've never done something that large) patchworked piece with my appliqu├ęs and free motion messy stitching on the one hand and more puristic and clean patchworking on the other.

Today/next days I hope to get to another project, that I would like to introduce here - something fresh and new - knitting and free motion stitching, geometrical shapes, straight lines. Stay tuned.

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