Saturday, June 22, 2013

How I'm gonna (or hope to) get better organized with two children

Hey there! Here's my To Do list for coming month. Yes, July starts in about a week, but I start it now, this way I have a bonus week till the month ends up, and hope that I'm gonna tackle the most of points. Last weeks I felt like time was slipping away and nothing really happened. Well there're lot of things that happened actually, but they started spontaneously, moved on haphazardly and if I had some spare time on my hands, I had sometimes trouble focusing on what better to do during it, so mostly I've knitted or read blogs.

Blame my poor "baby brain"!

That's why I'm talking today on organizing, making lists, dressing simple plans – my „baby brain“ needs some guidance in written form to switch from one thing to another, otherwise it overheats with too many options.

So about work pattern that does not work any longer: I used to stand up, have a cup of tea and think/sketch something bold new, that I was pretty sure to be able to get done during the same/or same plus another following morning. That was not about much planning, but going with the flow, and it was perfect. That's not working any longer. Better now is getting a plan dressed up for a definite amount of pieces for the next week/month to get done and stick until they get accomplished. Anything else remains in the sketchbook for the next month to come.

And I need plans. To Do lists and fixing smaller steps to get my work done, for my „baby brain“ cannot keep and manage complicated processes, so I have to simplify them.

Like „sew new cloth diapers“ is the best way to postpone it to the day my baby boy doesn't need them any more, but „Monday – cut the fabric, Friday – pin together, prepare Velcro strips etc., Sunday – sew together“ should get me moving, for it looks as simple as can be, and my „baby brain“ is not overwhelmed with those steps.

So here we go with BOLD INTENTIONS IN JULY:

  1. Dress up a plan of routine and creative activities for a week ahead with my little girl.
  2. Implement small PEKiP sessions with the baby boy regularly during the day.
  3. Make a walk of at least 30 minutes a day with children – not counting the grocery shopping tours etc, but really a simple walk with empty head, no intended racing somewhere to get something, and all about spending time with kids, and paying attention to them.

ME (as much as I'm willing to share here without getting too private)
  1. Get back to yoga, shortly, but daily, even half dozen of asanas count.
  2. Keep track to what I'm doing daily and yes, making little To Do lists.
  3. Go thrifting twice this month.
  4. Reads: a couple of chapters from „Die Oekonomie von Gut und Boese“ of T.Sedlacek would be just fine
  5. Piano play – no, that would be something for the next month. But I do have to find some time to get back to continue to learn finnish.

CREATIVELY (planning ahead - work planning, posts planning)
  1. Work on my little girl's room – I need a couple of nice girly, but not too girly pillows, I need a couple of frames and a big piece of chalk board, and I need a rug. I'd like to frame a couple of her own drawings and something else, I still have no idea what.... That's definitely gonna be a quote out of Winnie-the-Pooh. And I need two posts on it by the end of the month.
  2. Come up with one sewing project in mixed technique per week, and post about it three times a week till it's done by Sunday each week (weekly three-step-program). One week can be off.
  3. Sew a teddy bear - another two posts. 
This way I'm at about 13-14 posts a month. Hopefully without stress and trouble about what next am I gonna write about, not anymore.

BONUS would be if I
  • get to make new drawings, no matter which, a branch of rose on our house wall counts!
  • lace making
  • start knitting a baby blanket and a bonnet for a baby boy
  • sew a dress for my little girl
  • repaint my studio desk in gloss white
  • and in the month of August I'd like to think about blog revamping, September would be about shop relaunching. October is about promoting and marketing.

That's it! Let's see how me and my "baby brain" keep up with the plan!

And here's the fist of three-step-program on getting work done - fabric printing for mug rugs and tote bags. Next steps (Step 2) are making front sides. Finish steps (Step 3) are sewing together and photo shoot.

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