Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to lino carving

Why did it take me soooo long to get back to lino carving? Prior to my baby boy's birth I thought it would in fact be one of few occupations that I'd definitely pursue, for it can be easily interrupted and taken on, it makes little mess, it's easy to clean, and my little girl wouldn't mess it all up while I'm busy with the baby boy. I was sure to re-start with it back in April. And I paused for over THREE month. Herrje!

Well, there's something positive though. I've sketched LOTS of lino carving ideas, that means I would have to carve HOURS and HOURS and HOURS. But with the time passing by, and me not carving anything, LOTS of them have fallen through the cracks, and I adhered at the end to this simple one, that seems to work with the most of my upcoming ideas.

So I'm working on a couple of new designs for upcoming pouches & Co, and this is how I'm gonna print the painted fabric before I proceed with appliqué. 

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