Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday randomness

It's time for bold intentions for August... My goals for July were not all met as I expected. But honestly, I didn't expected to meet them all. I hoped, and I did try to make it all happen. And this hope was and still is the best motivation to get there. Writing the ToDo lists sunday evening for the coming week has become something that is so comforting and recharging. Something, that makes me focused and pushes  me up. Something that pulls my forces together and helps me to keep the record about what was done. And this is important. Houskeeping, working and having two kids (one of which a baby) is quite demanding. So that I sometimes loose the record of what has been done, and feel powerless in front of oh-so-many projects that need to be tackled. I feel like I'd move on at a snail's speed. So those ToDo lists are great reminder, that I make at least enough, and that's gratifying.
  • I haven't sewn the teddy bear, but I've started to play piano again.
  • I haven't blogged according to the plan that I imposed, but I've found out how to make it better and more focused (gonna write a post on it soon).
  • I haven't read much, but I've got back to learn finnish again.
  • I've finished my little girl's room, but my studio is still messy.
I stepped back and enjoyed this mid-summer, and tried not to feel guilty about the amount of work left behind. And I know, my August list's gonna be a bit longer to make things even, but I look forward to better focusing on important things, and better feeling how to keep us all sane and sound.

Finally I've got my fellas napping together - so cute, it literally breaks my heart. SO GLAD, it lasted twenty minutes, and I got this drawing.

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