Thursday, August 1, 2013

Me playing a kids' interior designer

Another week and silent me, my friends. But now I'm gonna share a preview of how my little girl's room is getting re-decorated. 

Since quite a while I'm talking about this project, about the colours (blue, red, yellowy-greeny), and show the tids bits that're gonna complete the look, that is now almost done. Almost. And I'm happy with it. As much as I'd like to finish the details into the smallest frame and last hook, I'm gonna stop for now and simply let this brand new room evolve. And I'm gonna wait - for other things to come and to integrate it. I'm done with all the thrifting, repainting, drilling, thinking, browsing for this or that, re-thinking, furniture moving. I'm done and I stop. 

I didn't want to spend much. I've re-used, re-purposed, painted lots of pieces. The most expensive piece is a one-and-a-half meter cotton fabric from Marimekko as future curtain, that has come today, and needs yet to be sewn.

And I wrote yesterday a meter of text about what I had, and what I did and bought and what followed what, how it evolved and developped and got into life... and let it be. I grew tired and am going to simply let those preview photos speak for themselves. There're still a couple of corners that need some work, and I'll share'em with you as I move forward.

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