Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fiesta de colores: new season - new colours

Recently my work has been featured on the blog of finnish handcrafters – it‘s a great community of people crafting in Finland, originating from here and many other different countries and selling on Etsy. I appreciate a lot being a member of this community including very many talented people from all around the country, and I was asked to speak about my projects on that blog. So now it‘s out there – go check it out here

Today I've changed a couple of things here, on the blog - the new Etsy-gadget being one of them. My shop upgrade is still upcoming and I'm busy preparing new projects. Yes, unfortunately I just cannot keep my hands from always sketching something new, and hence, I have to compromise about projects that need to be finished.

Season change with rain, shorter days, wind and cold has made me change the colours, which I got used to work with during the summer. No more blue-green-ochre. Now I'm all about carrot orange, red, rose, magenta, emerald green and violet/purple/plum. And big firebirds. Sounds crazy, but I like'em and it lifts me up amidst the automnal dominance of greys - sort of colour therapy for my mind. 

Here's a peek:

STEP 1: Paper sketch + colouring of backgrounds with acrylics
STEP 2: Cutting, refining details
STEP 3: Fabric choice
STEP 4: Appliqué on heavy linen with free motion stitching in black
STEP 5: Stay tuned, I think it's gonna become a cute book tote for our library findings.

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