Saturday, September 29, 2012

New photos of guest name cards - work in progress

Here's some work in progress - the designing part for guest name cards is done. Yes, it's pretty much of using old-fashioned scrapbooking techniques, just with some less fancy materials as usual in that crafty area, taking advantage of pastel hand drawings I've made for flowers, hand lettering, simple punching and of my considerable paper stock from "quatre coins du monde", like beautiful indian handmade paper being one of them.

Now I'm all cutting: flowers, papers, cardboards for future cards. I hope in a couple of days they would be all here, beautifully packed and ready for a long way to the wedding place.

P.S. I've changed the photos that were initially uploaded for this post  - I was somehow not that satisfied with the result I've got yesterday - here the new ones that are much better on colour rendering.

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  1. The fashionest guestcards I've ever seen ) And mine ) Thank You!!!