Thursday, September 27, 2012

Upcoming project - a girl dress

Couldn‘t resist sharing a peek at the dress in progress. That‘s the project I was talking about recently – with the fire bird. I haven‘t planned it, it just came out nearly at the same time as the tote bag. And since about a week I think, that right now I prefer working this way – without much planning before and just working it all out as it goes. It feels more natural. That does not mean I‘m not sketching anymore anything I sew, but I keep it simple and open, like thumbnail sketches with a rough idea of composition and tonal value balance, and then picking the fabrics along the work.

I‘m quite happy with the floral ornamental border below and might be using it in other projects. Now I only have to find a cute way to present it as a whole, once the buttons are all sewn and thread ends are cut - the ordinary dress hanger was not a very good idea and that's why right now I can only share with you some extracts.

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