Monday, November 12, 2012

Gold, linen, knitting and virgin wool - new upcoming project

And today is about the doll, not actually a doll, but sort of angel – knitted, sewn and gold-painted. Next I‘m gonna work out some details and wings to finish it. 

It‘s been a while since I‘ve been thinking about introducing some golden elements in my work, and it has been rather a vague intention for nothing particular for a long time. I‘ve waited and gathered materials, untill I've suddenly stumbled upon and bought that golden synthetic yarn in deep sparkling reddish old gold, almost bronze, last Saturday. From that moment on the puzzle of golden elements has got together and I got into action, and this project finally moved forward. 

And I‘m slowly getting it the way I‘ve wanted it look like – being knitted, sewn, with linen, sculpting. A couple of another techniques/materials would possibly be applied to details/wings. I woudn‘t say I‘m gonna make dolls, but elements like sculpted faces and hands has always fascinated me and I‘m happy I have them finally involved in my work - angel being a perfect opportunity only to use those (the face and hands) - exactly what I'm interested in right now.

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