Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pouch for lace bobbins

Since a while I‘ve been making lace. And that means having LOTS of bobbins around. And that means that they are disappearing faster as I look around, because my little girl is ALSO making lace. HER lace. With MY bobbins. Being sure they are HERS. Though she DOES have a couple, exactly the same as me, and they are, well, somewhere... LOST. And she REALLY needs to make lace exactly at the time when I‘m making it with my bobbins. And she looks for hers with no result. And takes the mines. A couple here, a couple there. That's the story. 

So I made a pouch – for MY bobbins. Monochrome and some gold – I seem to be favoriting this combination recently. With some free motion stitching, hand embroidery, knitting (of course), and fabric mix.  I just maybe add something here and there, or try another version in this colourway.

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