Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New serie - Winter monochromes

Here‘s the serie I‘ve started at the beginning of the week – „Winter greys and knitting“. It‘ll be about winter the next time – greys, greyish browns, greyish greens – all those typical colours of natural unbleached linen  - yes, still my favorite, and I do not think it‘d ever change.

This time I‘m introducing knitted elements. I used to become a passionate knitter as the days got shorter and colder, and even more passionate collector of yarns – linen yarns, wool, bamboo, cotton, mohair, silk – in maybe TONS of different colour gradations. And besides of knitting itself, I like making samples – trying different patterns, and recently mixing different qualities of yarns. 

The idea was to make useful those experimental pieces  from pattern-learning, and  to introduce some more interesting haptic and visual texture as what I‘ve been already doing with different sorts of fabrics.

This new tote (another one for going to the library with my little girl) – is made of linen, heavy linen. It has been lined and a bit padded on the front side. Padding was actually meant to make some handquilting possible on the bottom piece of linen, but I stopped after having made some lines – it was just the right amount and seemed enough.

If the monochromes are appealing to you, stay tuned, because I adore them and gonna make more of them this week.

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