Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Around here - about blogging

Last year, as I started blogging, my blog was about a dozen different topics, sketches, photos, trials with fabric surface design, different approaches, different styles, watercolors, ink, and so much this'&'that. And yet I deliberately decided to keep LOTS of inspirational stuff away from the blog, like books, other blogs, art and such, and to post only what I was working on. The reason was that I wanted to find my own voice, to find out whether I'd' be able to develop something...anything consequently, based on techniques which I knew, or which I'd like to try out. I wanted to scroll my blog down and process how I was evolving - so the blog had to have the exclusive focus on what I was doing.

So there's been a whole lot going through the content of this blog, and now I feel it starts getting clear and focused. And that's what I LOVE about blogging. 

There've been days when I hadn't had any idea what to share next, or when I simply felt empty, and there was the pressure to work, to create anything worth sharing. And I was asking myself, is that what I want my life to look like? Constant race for new ideas, for pushing it further and further.

Yes. Yes. And yes! It's hard, I know now. And I start quite often feeling nothing creative in particular. Or there's a sparkle of an idea and I labour to get it all together. It takes time, yes, I've learned to drop a project here and there, and not to force it. I've learned to respect that it's pretty hard to schedule. 

And you know what? Blogging has given me the sense of development. To push it to the final line. To make a lot of steps, sometimes baby steps. Sometimes re-start the project. But to GET TO THE RESULTS. At any price, and not to rest until I get there. So somehow I get the feeling that LOTS of work, and CONSTANT work, and all the errors, all the search and pushing myself through, that all this starts to converge, to build some sort of perspective. 

I work with flowers - drawing, printing, painting, I work with fabric scraps on painted fabrics, I journal my favorite quotes, I love color, I love mixed technique. If there's something that I love being pure, that's drawing. And that's all that you're gonna see here coming soon. I'm gonna make pouches, and develop the idea of FOREST FRIENDS as a baby line, and it's all gonna be colorful, messy, printed, free motion embroided. 

It took me one year to get here (a bit more, actually). ONE WHOLE YEAR. One year of working almost everyday, and non-stop idea spinning in my head. I feel much better now, and it was so worth it for me. I finally get the feeling that I start to come to my own.

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