Monday, November 25, 2013

Making holiday cards (mock-ups)

I'm still working with the leftovers - here some paper leftovers as I cut bigger sheets to the size of future album pages - and trimmed the rest to the card size of 10 x 15 cm. They are coated with paint leftovers and sometimes patterned with painted crocheted lace. Remember, I've shared recently a card project from other leftovers, which were made from paper and tissue paper leftovers, and dipped in paint. Those are going into my little girl's crafty paper basket, I'm not gonna keep them - they are sort of visually overloaded, and I do not want to use them. The same for my recent canvas mixed media projects - I guess there's the same problem. There're too much effects, details, elements and such, so that there's no clear focus. I have to find the way to keep it straight, simple and focused.

Those crocheted little stars, or flowers, you name it, will probably decorate my holiday greetings this year. I guess, that's the best way of making a star as a central piece - without all the paper patterned fussiness and still visually interesting with nice haptic texture - so that it doesn't need any more colors or  any more processing. It's simple and rich in itself and I kind of like this effect.

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