Friday, November 29, 2013

About planning while finishing applique

Remember, I've been talking a lot about planning, organizing, ToDo list making in the summer? Well, it all worked pretty well. In summer. We've been at home, spent lot of time in the garden, went for a walk to the beach, and the life was pretty easy to plan - both kids have been at home with me on vacation, the kindergarden was closed. And by kids being at home I mean that it was quite easy to know what to do and how to handle them and how to keep them even-tempered, for they've constantly been around me.

It's fall now, and my little girl is attending the kindergarden anew again. That means that in the afternoon I may expect any behavior, depending how and what she did in the morning far from me, and how the enviroment/her little friends have been. I may have a kid who's moaning and tired, or over-excited, or sort of defiant, or simply reclusive, or quite simple sick. And whom I have to uplift and motivate for some extra-activities, which I thought would make sence - like music or sport. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes I drop it and we spend a cosy evening reading books and playing indoor.

All that being told, voila, my point - planning work is HARD those days.  Since each day means I have to re-adapt myself and my schedule, and most of time I have to do that, it's become difficult to stick to make schedules that have to be constantly re-arranged.

On the one hand the schedules focus my work, attention, and I spare time, and I love them. On the other hand they leave me frustrated here and there as I realize, the day did not run the way I expected it to run, and all the rearrangements were in vain. And frustration is not something motivating me to keep scheduling. I have to figure out how to make it all work better. I still work on it.

Here's a project that had to look like this last week, but all afore mentioned delayed and fragmented the realisation. Well, at least it moves on, my friends, and I'm happy with that!

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