Friday, November 22, 2013

How I work

And here a peek into how I'm working.

FIRST: I put the paint and hand print my piece of fabric (here). It's mostly based on a loose sketch from my sketchbook. Mostly I have already some loose composition sketched, but not detailed. 

The basic composition as a sequence of blocks/basic shapes comes from a pencil sketch. I cannot make this very first step digitally, it HAS to be a paper notebook and a pen. I get it better and sooner hand doodling it. But once I get it, I head on to the tablet.

SECOND: I take a picture of the fabric piece and off it goes to the PhotoShop. I still remember my early days of working with fabric and LOT of cutting of pieces in different colors to find the best for the whole composition and then moving them around to find the best placement.  And that stage was quite a difficult and time consuming. Well, I've learned a lot from it, but now I REALLY appreciate working with graphic tablet to make the whole piece work as a whole and choose my colors until I'm satisfied how the whole work looks like. 

Here's the side piece for a future basket.

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