Friday, December 7, 2012

A little sewing project in-between - quick and easy

Today I‘m sharing a very quicky spontaneous project. While I was sewing the teddy bear, my little girl was playing nearby drawing angels – all blue, pink, yellow, red. So for a while I‘ve interrupted my projects and we got into card making. We‘ve made a lot. Quickly. And I loved them. Despite my monochrome addiction. 

This is how the idea of a new tote bag was born – actually because I needed to do something simple and get finished fast and because I loved-loved-loved those angels. So while my little girl was making another cards, I‘ve patched/appliqued this simple image and it finished as a tote bag. (Almost)monochrome. 

Here‘s one of her cards, in sepia version, followed by my rough thumbnail sketch and the final result – this is actually my easiest sewing project so far. Though I do think about maybe adding some details here and there, like handquilting or a crocheted daisy. Don't know yet.

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