Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Working, working, working...

Last time I‘ve promised to show the new teddy bears. Well, they are not ready, for many reasons. Among them other projects with its particular problems and difficulties. Among them cold and snow, and many greyish snowy days. Holiday presents as well. I could write a list, but I‘ll stop here.  And I hope I'm gonna show the teddy bears soon.

Today‘s only a very sneak snapshot from my studio table – teddy bears in process, new drawings for my serie The Monochromes, new lace, being only three among other projects I'm currently working on simultaneously.

We‘re now having a beautiful Christmas tree at our new home in Finland, and now I‘m feeling finally the holiday season coming. This year has brought lots of new projects and new perspectives, so now the time is coming to slow down and enjoy the holidays to see people we love, old friends, to recharge, relax, see something new, read, drink some good coffee, to walk a lot, to dream, to buy some new books, see some old movies, to regenerate new energy for the coming new year, for the projects to come, for all the changements that will come our way.

But for now there‘s still a lot of work to do...  Stay tuned, I‘m gonna upload some new posts before I take a couple of weeks off-time from my blog.

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