Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some random thoughts on creativity

Last months I haven‘t been that often online, what does not mean I had not anything to share. 

In a certain way there‘s maybe some natural process about taking time and getting „silent“ online – the process of making, evolving, getting more critical towards my own results. With all the time spent constantly working, thinking, it‘s somehow getting more difficult to say „wow“ to any new result that may seem worth sharing, but is not "set", hence not really worth being published.  It‘s not that easy for me anymore to get overhelmed with someone‘s work and lose the thread. I got more critical about my work, but also about work of other people, and it all comes from better understanding where do I go and how other creative people make or made their way out there.

It was, and still is normal to discover  A LOT, that may be worth taken along the way. Attention – not ANYTHING, because of course there‘s a painful process of sorting out of „yes, I take it“ versus „no, I leave it“. 

With time passing by and working on it‘s more like: what you take is something coming from the INSIDE, not something you‘ve found somewhere else out there. Something coming from that inner feeling of what and how you EXPRESS THE CONTENT THAT REALLY MATTERS. So you might need more time to melt LOTS of inputs together, process them and make your own way.

And it‘s honestly much more gratifying and worth all the time, worth the efforts, worth the research, worth exploring sideways, worth all the „no‘s“. Right now I‘m sometimes feeling like it takes me ETERNITY, lots of efforts and thoughts for quite some project, to "sharpen" it, to get to the core, to the essential, to the "non plus ultra", but I hope someday I may reach to a point where I‘ll see more clearly, what a project needs and how it‘s all to be done. And I‘ll feel myself less lost and blocked.

I think this is an important issue about PRACTICING CREATIVITY – it‘s all a  great amout of working to get the senses sharper and honed so that some sort of creative instincts can be better heard and understood.

I know, blogging means up-dating as much as possible, constantly generating new ideas and coming out with what I‘ve seen, tried, found inspiring and so on, but this is not me. And this would be not the blog of mine. I need a little bit more of silence and offline time to find out what truly matters for me to say, to express, to develop. I‘m blogging about how it‘s all evolving in my work, and the priority is actually on work. That means quite a rigid selection in order to save more time for creative processes themselves. For only writing about what is meaningful in and for my work. Even if right now it means writing at only about ten posts a month.

This time I‘m sharing a preview from some prints I‘ve made for upcoming projects. Even it it may seem some kind of repetition of what I‘ve been already making and sharing in summer, it‘s an all new level for me – in  choice of colours, materials, phrases, words, but also way of journaling – it‘s all much more precise and meaningful for me as it was in summer, it‘s all somehow more coherent and integral in material-form-colour relations. If I‘ve often printed in summer and decided later about how to use them or not use at all, now I know and feel their future place better. It‘s all about learning to hear and trust my instincts.

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