Monday, December 3, 2012

About simple solutions and graffity elements

Now I‘m back making some journaling on fabric. And finally got to experiment with some graffity-like elements. It might seem new, but it‘s only because I‘ve never talked about it here. 

I haven‘t planned it for that project with my pretty realistic textile collages, that I've posted last week, no. Actually those pieces were meant to be framed with some simple stripes of different fabrics, crocheted elements and free motion stitching. 

And yes, I‘ve followed the plan/thumbnail draft, got bored, and felt, that where was no spontaneity in the piece. It was all well done, carefully planned. Nice. All lined up.  Rectangular. Pretty. Whatever….And boring. With no improvisation. That‘s all.

I‘ve finished up unravelling it this morning and spent the whole rest of it thinking what could be done. I was unwilling to give up. Yes, it would be easy to start another project, but it wouldn't get my mind empty. And besides, that‘s how I manage to find new ways – it‘s all about taking risks and going through the quarrel with myself trying to be honest and not compromising about what may seem quite ok, but truly is not.

Now it is. It‘s not the final version, but the direction feels right. This is what I‘ve been missing – the freedom of following the feeling of the moment, being impulsive, risky, changing the path at any moment. And that‘s what I like most about doing what I do.

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