Thursday, December 13, 2012

(Teddy bears) and their frieds

Actually I should have been working on other teddy bear and instead of that I‘ve made this one – in plasticine. And it came out quite spontaneously, because honestly I was thinking about making another animals, not a cat.

And most of my projects come out this way – because an idea  is mostly an impatient thing and cannot wait till I get done with some other stuff. And that‘s because I‘m working on many things simultaneously. 

This cat has spent awhile in my head maturing and getting shape, and there‘ve been lots of drawings preceding it and going mostly into the waste paper basket, till the final one today, and now it‘s born. It has decided to get real this morning, so it is. 

Now I get back to my monochromes, pattern making for this buddy, unfelted teddy bear and monoprinting – yes, that‘s the new old thing I‘m experimenting with now, with my little girl and it‘s so much fun. We cannot draw outside anymore, and we oh-so-much-miss-it, so we monoprint.  I‘ll keep you posted.

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