Monday, January 28, 2013

A couple of new pencil cases in mixed technique

Here are some new pouches, that I've finished this morning - they are actually looking rather like pencil cases. 

They are all about 13 x 23 cm, made of variety of fabrics (lino printed corduroy, cottons, mixed linens, linen, printed and painted linen, some woolen mixed fabrics). They are all padded, so that they stay nicely in shape, and lined with some middle weight pink cotton. They all have a decorative strap of orange nubuck leather, attached to the zipper -  a nice detail, not very practical though, for nubuck leather is not that much pull-resisting.

I like each of them.

That is actually the size that I'm pretty comfortable working with, I'd even say this is the perfect size for my upcoming pouch a.k.a. pencil case projects, so I'm gonna prepare a couple more of them for sell.

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