Wednesday, January 30, 2013

About a failed project and spontaneous work as a remedy

For today I was planning to finish the book about birds, and, yes, I‘ve finished it. And it was rejected. Too simple, somehow diluted, not that strong. The rainbow colourway didn‘t appeal to me in a way that I‘ve expected. I‘ve spent quite sometime figuring out why I didn‘t like it. About colours, about shapes, about composition and layout – in every singe point there was something to critisize. Now I‘m gonna take time and re-think it completely. I still do like the „Ansatz“ of the whole idea, but it has to be re-defined in lot of terms before the realisation goes any further. 

Well, for today I‘m gonna share results of some collaging late this morning. Starting point was that I didn‘t want to use any of primary colours more, and I needed something quick as well, to paint afresh and wipe the polychromy of prevoius project from my sences. I needed a remedy.

Actually I do prefer secondaries and tertiaries (colours), taking maybe a couple of them for accents, and lots of graduations in between to fill the space (one of the reasons why rainbow from the previous attempt made my uncomfortable). So knee deep into pink and olive, jawohl! 

This all being a part of learning how to collage the backgrounds for any other projects. Right now I only want to get acquainted with some sort of spontaneous work, some fun activity that I could easily squeeze in an hour or two without worrying much about getting some mature result. I would like to make it part of my creative routine – finding time to work spontaneously, with the minimum of planning, drafting and pondering, just let some sort of instincs or you name it, flow. 

What it can be good for? No idea, for nothing, actually, and for whole lot of things – for pleasure of working with a couple of beautiful colours, for some creative meditation, for pleasure of being spontaneous, for quick start and suprising results, for maybe some future projects, for watching it evolve quickly and generate new unexpected ideas, for pleasure of feeling free and not to have any path to follow, but only that of a feeling of the moment, for minimum of technical constraints, because paper works allow it. Quite a lot of PRO‘s to continue. 

Anyway, if I‘d bring it to some sort of sketchbook, doing it regularly, I would be happy. I cannot help but expect to have something that features a certain usability, something that has been made for some purpose, that‘s how I am. Well, maybe there IS a purpose, only that I do not see it clearly right now, but I have to trust my instincts, that's who I want to be.

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